Property Zeus is committed to providing you with the finest cleaning services around. We go above and beyond for all of our customers, hiring people who are trained well in housekeeping techniques so that they can provide quality service no matter what type or size of residential or commercial needs! Our team works hard at making sure each encounter leaves them feeling refreshed after being cleaned by one of Property Zeus’s top-notch teams- it shows when walking back into your own space as soon as possible. Our friendly, hands-on approach to property care is what sets us apart from the competition. You can always count on our team for quick responses and quality workmanship!

We are open 24/7. Give us a call today (469) 514-9000.

Property Zeus Commercial Services is a local, full-service cleaning company based in Frisco, TX, but we specialize exclusively with residential and commercial properties throughout Dallas–Fort Worth. The cities we currently service are Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Garland, and Irving. We are Open 24/7. The Property Zeus offers Day Portering, Office Cleaning, Residential CleaningPower Washing, Junk Hauling, Property Maintenance services, and more.

Call Property Zeus Commercial Services at (469) 514-9000. We are a licensed and insured business that offers a very hands-on approach to our services for our customers so you know that your property is in wonderful hands! The DFW Area’s #1 Property Cleaning Specialists!

Commercial cleaning is the best option for keeping your commercial space clean, safe and sanitary. You can entrust it with us to get everything done from floors up – including walls & ceilings! We are happy that we’ve got such an important role in providing you peace of mind as well as ensuring a professional demeanor at all times by using advanced equipment like vacuums which will remove any hazardous materials without leaving residue behind on surfaces or inside fixtures/machines so they’re ready when needed again next week.

Property Zeus Commercial Service is the best option if you need your property cleaned quickly and professionally. We will sweep, mop or vacuum depending on what needs doing as well as take care of any other tasks that come up such as emptying trash cans and scrubbing toilets with their specialized tools! Contact Us Today!

Cleaning and maintaining your business premises is a challenge. Commercial cleaning services are often more complex and heavy than residential ones. They’re intended for commercial properties, which means the type of dirt found is different from what you would find in your home or office building – it’s generally much stronger too!

The Property Zeus team will provide a clean, healthy workplace for your employees. We specialize in routine cleaning and disinfecting services as well as providing junk hauling or power washing needs to keep the outside of businesses looking their best! When you hire a commercial cleaning service from Property Zeus Commercial Services, you get routine cleaning plus disinfection of your business premises by our expert team of trained and skilled cleaners using the latest cleaning technologies & tools, and eco-friendly supplies.

Office cleaning is a necessary part of any business. Office buildings need to be kept clean in order for employees and clients alike. That’s why we offer a variety of services from basic office cleaning,  A standard office visit that will involve typical tasks such as floors, sweeping, and dusting – all the way up through deep-cleaning packages that include toilets cleansed inside out!

Contact Property Zeus Commercial services for more specific needs – we are licensed professionals who can handle everything from carpets cleaned right up through car parks spotless in no time at all without fail every month on repeat service due diligence so you don’t have those pesky bugs making their rounds everywhere taking over your workspace again before clients arrive tomorrow morning.

We are a 100% local company based in Frisco, Texas but we service many areas throughout Dallas–Fort Worth. Property Zeus offers cleaning services for any and every commercial property from single businesses to entire shopping centers! We’re licensed and insured professionals with years worth of experience taking care of all your commercial properties – no matter how big or small they may be! If you want peace knowing that our team has checked up on things like floors and wiped down surfaces then give us a call today so we will come out right away before anything else happens again! We have same-day arrivals that can be scheduled such as timing conflicts with other events going on at your location. we’re here 24/7 365 days per year if needed so just give us a call anytime day or night.